Camfrog Parental Controls

Learn how to use parental controls with Camfrog.
Camfrog parental controls allow you to add feature restrictions to other Camfrog user accounts or block other users from using Camfrog completely. Please note the Camfrog Terms of Service require users between the ages 13-18 to use Camfrog with adult supervision.
Parental Controls Feature Example It's now possible to only allow users 13-17 to join rooms hosted by Camfrog. To allow users 13-17 to only join rooms officially hosted by Camfrog, do the following:
  1. Start Camfrog and log on with your account.
  2. Go under the main Camfrog menu in your contact list and choose "Settings".
  3. Choose "Parental Controls".
  4. Check the option "Join rooms outside rooms hosted by Camfrog" to block users 13-17 from joining rooms outside Camfrog hosted rooms.
  5. Now go to the "Parental Control User List" tab and choose the account names in the list you want to block to apply the setting.
    IMPORTANT: To prevent this setting from being changed please lock the Parental Controls settings.
    1. Push the "Lock Parental Controls" icon in the Parental Controls window.
    2. Choose your Windows logon account from the drop-down list and enter your Windows logon password and press the "OK" button. (If you don't know your Windows logon/password, then go to your Windows control panel and choose "user accounts" to change your settings. Make sure you keep this password secure.)
  6. Push OK to close the Camfrog Parental Controls window and apply the changes you've just made.
Now the user or users you have specified are unable to enter rooms which are not hosted by Camfrog. Now that you've learned how to use Parental Controls, you can also block many other Camfrog features. Other features that can be blocked by Parental Controls:
  1. Video viewing
  2. Broadcast video
  3. Audio listening
  4. Broadcast audio
  5. Text chat
  6. Instant messaging and one on one connections
You are also able to log all instant messages of the selected accounts if necessary. This feature is also available in the Parental Controls settings page. If you don't want any user besides yourself to use Camfrog on your computer, then you can choose to not save your Camfrog password in your Camfrog client and then block all new nickname registrations with the parental controls by checking the corresponding option. We hope you will find the Camfrog Parental Controls system useful. If you have any feedback or future parental controls feature requests, please contact us. Thank you for using Camfrog.
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