Get Started with Camfrog Webcam Chat

Get Started with Camfrog Client

This is a very basic guide to get started with Camfrog. If you want to know the more advanced features, go back to the help page and view the user guide. If you need help, view the frequently asked questions page.

See People and Be Seen

The first thing you probably want to do with Camfrog is see some people live on webcam to test out the video and audio streaming. The first window you will see is your "contact list". At the bottom it has the "Video Chat Rooms" icon. Click on it and a web page will open with all available video chat rooms. Join the "Camfrog" room by clicking the link. If it will not let you join, type in the word "Camfrog" in the line above the room list and press "OK" to join.

You are now on webcam and everyone can see you. To see other users, click their names in the user list on the right. If you don't want people to see you, press the "Pause video" icon in your local video window to pause your video. To unpause, press the same icon again.

Press the "talk" button to send audio to the room. You can only talk when someone else isn't talking already. If your audio is too loud press "audio settings" to adjust your recording level.

To send an instant message to users, right click their name and choose "IM User". From the IM window you can block users, send files and snapshots (webcam photos) to users, view their online profiles, call and add them to your contact list to see when they are online. If someone is making a loud noise or typing bad text in the room, you can right click their name and choose "Ignore User".

If you don't like multi-user videoconferencing in the chat rooms, you can also find users to talk to one on one in the user directory. Go to your contact list then click the "Search for Camfrog Users" icon to see everyone who is currently online.

Can't get your webcam to work or have another technical problem? View our frequently asked questions page.

Ignore and Punish Annoying People

If someone sends you a rude IM, you can easily stop the person from bothering you. Choose "Give Bad Feedback" under the Camfrog menu in the IM window. If this user gets three bad feedbacks from different users, he won’t be able to IM anyone for a few minutes. After the user gets the first bad feedback, he will probably not IM you again.

If the user continues to bother you, press the "block" icon in the upper part of the IM window to stop this user from bothering you.

To stop getting IM's from people not in your contact list, click "IM Catcher" under the main Camfrog menu in your contact list and enable it. Now IM's from people you don't know will still cause pop-ups on your screen so you can answer them if you want, but the IM's will go into the IM Catcher so they will not disturb you.

Host a Room

Go download our free server software to register a room that anyone can join.

Upgrade to Camfrog Pro

Once you have learned the Camfrog basics, you can upgrade to Camfrog Pro. With Pro you can see many video windows at once, send files and snapshots, and make your video windows huge! Learn more on the upgrade page.
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