Camfrog Pro Security Tips

Camfrog Pro Security Tips

When buying Camfrog Pro our order email explains that you should not share your serial number with anyone. Sharing your Camfrog logon or serial number is against our Terms of Service. If you violate our Terms of Service and share your serial number you may be intermittently disconnected from Camfrog, and if the serial number is shared enough then it could become deactivated. If your serial number is deactivated for sharing you can buy a new one on our order page

Please note it is not possible for someone to guess your Pro Code. Camfrog Pro Codes use a high level of encryption that not even a sophisticated computer could ever guess. Our encryption is similar to the same secure system banks use for online banking.

There are many ways to keep your Camfrog Pro Code Safe.

1. Do not share your Pro Code with anyone. If someone gets access to your Pro code then they may share it with others and this could cause it to get deactivated. If your serial number is deactivated you can buy a new one on our order page

2. Make sure your computer is secure. Also make sure you have the most recent security updates. For Microsoft Windows go to For Apple computers go to the Apple menu to check for software updates.

3. Watch out for Phishing websites. Never enter your Camfrog Pro Code anywhere else besides the Camfrog software. We will never ask for your Pro Code in a web page. Before entering your Camfrog logon and password in any web page always make sure the web page begins with

4. Secure your email. Make sure your email has a difficult to guess password. If you use an email service such as Hotmail that expires with non-use make sure you log on to your account occasionally.

5. Don’t download files from strangers. If someone is sending you a strange file on Camfrog, via email, or on any IM application do not accept it or execute it. This file could be a virus that could take your Pro Code or Camfrog account.

Thank you for ordering Camfrog Pro. We hope these tips help you keep your Pro Code safe.