What is profile privacy mode?

Camfrog has new social features that allow your friends to see your list of friends and also leave comments on your profile. Your friends are defined as any user who is on your contact list and you are also on their contact list. If a user is on your contact list but you are not on theirs they will not appear as a friend.

If you choose to check the "profile privacy" box you will be unable to participate in social features. You cannot receive comments on your profile and your friends cannot view your friends list. You will also not appear on any other users friends lists.

You also have the choice to use some social features, but not others. You can choose to disable your friends list by checking the "disable friends list" box in your settings. If you choose this setting your friends list will not appear for your friends and you will not appear on any friend lists. If you choose "disable profile comments" then you cannot receive comments on your profile and you cannot make comments on other user profiles.