Camfrog Server User Guide

Welcome to Camfrog Server

What is Camfrog Server?

Camfrog server allows broadband users (DSL or Cable modem) to host a multi-user videoconference on your Windows PC. Users can also host the video chat room on dedicated servers for their organization or website. Camfrog Video Chat client users can connect to your Camfrog Server and hear and see each other all at the same time. There is a pro version of Camfrog Server which has extra features.

Camfrog Server Features

Camfrog Server allows you to see who is connected to your server and watch their video stream. You can also kick and ban users, create a user agreement, create a message of the day, and make your server for users 18+ only.

Feature Overview

Before using

Before using Camfrog Server you need to set up a nickname and a password to logon to the Camfrog central server. After you have installed and launched Camfrog Server click on the "Register for Nickname/Password" hyperlink in the main application window. You will then be guided through a registration wizard.

A webcam is not required to see the users using your Camfrog Server.

Registering for a nickname/password

Click on the "Register for a Nickname/Password" hyperlink in the main application window to register. Your server information will be available on our public video chat room directory.


To see your general settings, go under the "Actions" menu in the main "Camfrog Server" application window. Choosing "settings" will open your general settings.

Adults Only (18+) Server

Checking the "Adults Only" box allows you to keep out users who are under 18. Users who are under 18 cannot connect to your video chat room and they can’t get access to the "18+" video chat room user list on the website.

Show popup notifications

If you have "show popup notifications" selected a popup will appear when someone joins your video chat room in the bottom right notification area. This can be disabled in settings.

Message of the day

You can setup a "message of the day" which Camfrog users will see when they join your server. You might want to put some rules, or explain what your Camfrog server is about. A good example "message of the day" might say "Welcome to Camfrog Video Chat room. Inappropriate behavior is not allowed and inappropriate users will be kicked and banned from the video chat room."

User Agreement

If you check the "User Agreement" check box in the "Message of the day" Camfrog users will have to click "yes" or "no" that they agree or do not agree with your "Message of the day" agreement. An example agreement might say "Click "yes" if you agree to the rules above."

Ban List

If a user is being annoying you can add him to the ban list. Go under "settings" and choose "ban list". You can easily add and remove users by clicking the "add" and "remove" buttons.

Kicking Users

To remove annoying users from your video chat room right click on their name to kick them. You can also see their IP address to report inappropriate behavior to their ISP.

Viewing Users

To view a user in your video chat room right click on his name and choose "view".

Server administration

The best way to administer your server is to connect to it with a Camfrog Video Chat client and view your users. If someone is misbehaving you can double click the Camfrog Server icon in the notification area in the bottom right and right click on their name to kick them, then add them to your ban list under the "settings" menu.

Camfrog Server Pro users can set up operators with commands such as /kick /ban. Camfrog Server Pro users also have many other features that Camfrog free server users do not.

Camfrog Server Pro Features

Camfrog Pro server allows you to make your video chat room private with password protection, and the ability to set server operators to administrate your server.

Private Server

To make your video chat room private for only users who know your password, go under the "Actions" menu and choose "Settings", then go to "Room Access" settings and set a password. Now only users who know your password can connect with Camfrog Video Chat clients.

Set Operators

To set operators for your video chat room who can kick users, go under the "Actions" menu and choose "Settings", then go to "Operator list". Make sure to only put the names of users you know and trust. Users can then type "/kick nickname" for users they want to kick.

Camfrog frequently asked questions

Camfrog frequently asked questions can be viewed on our website FAQ page in the help section.